Belinda B. Bennett

Commissioned NC Notary Public Instructor & Coach

"How are you qualified to teach me?"

That's a good question, and I'm so glad you asked it. Let me introduce myself. I'm Belinda B. Bennett. I'm a Commissioned North Carolina Notary Public Instructor, a self-made coach, and a business management expert who has worked with several entrepreneurs for over 15 years. I worked with a property management company for over 7 years, and within the 3rd year of working with them, I helped double their sales along with their retention rate with tenants and landlords. I worked for a home improvement company for 3 years, and by the second year, I had helped triple their sales and customer retention rate. My background as a Commissioned Notary Public began in 1998. 

My entrepreneurial background began when I was in high school; however, it became official in 2007 when I established my notary business. My business started out as a sole proprietorship, then grew into a DBA, and eventually became an LLC. It's my belief that I should teach from my personal experiences and what I study and help others avoid wasting time on where to begin. I understand humble beginnings, and this is why my training and coaching services are very affordable, reasonable, beneficial as well as unconventional like my lifestyle

Always be learning. Once you gain the knowledge and understand how to apply it, you will always have access to earning income as you offer a service or product. I believe in creating a solution and not complaining about the problem. Creating core training and continuing education for North Carolina notaries and being able to teach as well as coach is very rewarding and fulfilling. That's also my definition of SUCCESS!